SoundTouch family

For music your way, the SoundTouch family delivers powerful acoustics featuring classic design with fast, easy access to music throughout your home.

SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker on a shelf


SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker

From ₹17,500.00

Full, rich sound from the smallest SoundTouch speaker.

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth

Wave® SoundTouch® system IV

From ₹46,500.00

Stream music, play CDs and access AM/FM radio.

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio (AM/FM)
  • CD player

SoundTouch 30 wireless speaker

From ₹51,537.00 ₹57,263.00

Best performing. Deep, powerful sound.

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth

SoundTouch 20 wireless speaker

From ₹30,274.00 ₹33,638.00

Clear, robust filling sound.

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth

SoundTouch® SA-5 amplifier

From ₹48,600.00

Pair with passive speakers. 100 W per channel. Works with home Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®

  • Wifi

SoundTouch® Wireless Link adapter

From ₹11,983.00

Pair with powered speakers for wireless music

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth

SoundTouch® outdoor wireless system with 251® speakers

From ₹90,113.00

Works with home Wi-Fi®, our best weatherproof speakers

  • Wifi
  • Water proof/Splash resistant

SoundTouch® outdoor wireless system with 151® speakers

From ₹74,363.00

Works with home Wi-Fi®, weatherproof speakers

  • Wifi
  • Water proof/Splash resistant


Bose Soundbar Universal Remote

There’s always room for better sound

SoundTouch is a full family of wireless speakers designed to grow with you. Start with one and add more over time for music throughout your home. Plus, the SoundTouch family is packed with technologies that bring out the best in your entertainment. So, it’s not just sound—it’s an experience.

Less effort. More music.

Enhance your experience with the SoundTouch app. All your favourite music is in one place, so you can seamlessly jump between different playlists, stations and services. Compatible with other SoundTouch speakers, so you can play the same music in every room or different music in different rooms.

Stream what you want, how you want.

Wirelessly pair any Bluetooth® device or connect to your home Wi-Fi® network for instant entertainment. If you can get it on your phone or tablet, you can hear it through SoundTouch speakers. Music services may vary by region.

Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon Music

Upgrade your existing speakers

Don’t have a SoundTouch speaker but want to stream music? Use our SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier or Wireless Link adapter to add a world of wireless music to your existing stereo or home cinema system through a simple Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® connection.

SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier

SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier

Pair with your choice of speakers to wirelessly stream music and enhance sound quality with this 100W amplifier.

SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter

SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter

Make your current speakers smarter with the ability to wirelessly stream music.

Future ready

SoundTouch speakers have the technology to be compatible with external voice control devices for when they become available in your region. All of your favourite music will be at the tip of your tongue—all you have to do is ask.

* Voice commands and controls will vary by country.

Amazon Echo Dot with the SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker

Looking for a speaker or soundbar with Amazon Alexa built in?

Experience the acoustic excellence and premium design Bose is known for with Amazon Alexa built right in.

Bose Home Speaker 500, Bose Soundbar 500 and Bose Soundbar 700



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