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Activating progressive scan video

Progressive scan is a video format that displays all lines of the picture frame in a single pass, and refreshes the image 60 times a second. This format is not compatible with all video displays.

The progressive scan setting is only available when component cables connect the media centre to the TV. When you have made a component connection between the media centre and the TV, follow these steps:

From the onscreen menu:

Turn the media centre on

Turn your TV on and select the correct input to view the system menu. This will be the same video input that you use when viewing a DVD on the Bose® system. On the remote, press SYSTEM

Press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight the "Video" icon

Press the DOWN ARROW to highlight the "Progressive scan" option and then press ENTER. Press either the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW to select "on" or "off," and then press ENTER

Press EXIT to leave the system menu

Note: the system does not support PAL progressive video. If a VS-2 video enhancer is connected, see Setting SD progressive scan video

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