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Controlling connected devices

To control other devices using the Lifestyle® system remote, follow these steps:

Turn the TV on and select the TV video input that connects to the Lifestyle® system

On the control console, press SETUP


On the remote, press the DOWN ARROW to highlight "[source] setup" and press OK to confirm ([source] indicates the type of device, such as Blu-ray disc™ player, cable box, gaming system, etc.)

Press the DOWN ARROW to highlight:

"Set up the remote" - if you have the original remote for the device

"Manual remote code entry" - if you do not have the original remote for the device or the IR is not recognised by the system

Press OK and follow the onscreen instructions

The remote will send IR commands to the TV for additional control. When the TV source is selected the Bose® remote sends additional IR commands to the TV. If the correct remote code has been programmed, pressing buttons on the Bose® remote will control the native aspects of the TV. Those include channel up/down, TV input, TV power, image view (which changes TV aspect ratio) and menu.

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