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No sound from the speaker

Applies to:

  • SoundWear Companion speaker

Here are a few suggestions if your speaker does not produce any sound.

If voice prompts are enabled, press the Bluetooth button to hear the connected devices. Make sure you are using the correct device

If two devices are connected, pause audio on the first device and play audio on the other device. You can also turn off Bluetooth on the connected device that is not currently playing music

Try a different music source or app

Clear the speaker's pairing list by holding the Multi-function button for 10 seconds and deleting the speaker from your device's Bluetooth list. Reconnect the speaker to the device

Reset your speaker to the factory settings by holding the Multi-function button and Volume down (-) button simultaneously for 10 seconds. The Bluetooth indicator glows blue and you should hear a voice prompt to select a language. Reconnect your speaker to your device

Try connecting a different device

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