Pairing a Bluetooth® device

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A Bluetooth audio device—like a smartphone or computer—can connect to your Bose product and use it as a speaker. To pair a Bluetooth device:

Touch and hold the Bluetooth button on the top of your system until the light bar on the front of the system pulses blue and you hear a tone

On the device to be paired, go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth

In the device's Bluetooth menu, select Add new device or Search (or similar) and wait for the device to find nearby Bluetooth devices

From the list of Bluetooth devices that are found, select your Bose product. If the device requests a password/PIN, enter "0000"

Once connected, the light bar on the front of the system glows white and a tone is heard.

Your product remembers the last eight connected Bluetooth devices. To automatically reconnect later on, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on the device and then touch the Bluetooth button on your speaker.

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