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Pairing the headset with your device

in order for any bluetooth® enabled device to operate with the bose® headset, the device and the headset need to be paired. to pair a bluetooth® device and the bose® bluetooth® headset, follow these steps:

On the bottom of the headset, slide the power switch to the "on" position so that the green colour is visible

put the headset into discoverable mode by holding the call button for approximately 5 seconds. the bluetooth® indicator will blink slowly


Note: The first time the headset is powered on, it will go into discoverable mode right away.

turn on your bluetooth® enabled device, assuring bluetooth® power is "on" in the device

on your device, locate the bluetooth® device list and select "bose® bt1"

if your bluetooth® device asks for a passkey, enter digits 0000 and press ok. some devices may also ask you to accept connection

as the two devices connect, the bluetooth® indicator on the headset flashes, then turns solid blue to indicate a successful connection. this light turns off in 10 seconds when pairing is done for the first time

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