Setting BLUETOOTH audio priority

When the headset is plugged into the aircraft intercom, intercom audio is always heard and cannot be muted by the headset. If you connect a BLUETOOTH device to the headset, you can choose how to hear that device's audio with the intercom audio. This is done using the control module's BLUETOOTH priority switch:

Intercom prioritised over BLUETOOTH

If an intercom signal is detected, BLUETOOTH audio is temporarily muted. BLUETOOTH audio will return after intercom audio ceases.

Intercom mixed with BLUETOOTH

BLUETOOTH audio mixed with the intercom audio. BLUETOOTH sound will keep playing during intercom communications.

Intercom only

In Off mode, BLUETOOTH power is disconnected and all antennae are disabled. Only intercom audio is active. BLUETOOTH audio is off.


Note: If you switch to Off mode while connected to a BLUETOOTH source, you may need to establish your BLUETOOTH connection again the next time you turn on the headset.

Note: Incoming and outgoing phone calls automatically mute other BLUETOOTH audio when the BLUETOOTH priority selector is in either the MUTE or MIX position. During a BLUETOOTH phone call, the intercom and the phone call will be heard as mixed.

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