The battery compartment

In addition to housing the batteries, the battery compartment also houses operation switches. The operation switches control the Auto-Off function and whether you hear audio in one or both ears.

Opening the battery compartment

Press down firmly into the finger indent on the battery compartment cover and slide the cover down. The cover is tethered to the module. Do not attempt to detach it.

Note: The battery compartment cover is designed to remain securely closed. Additional force may be needed when pressing down and releasing cover.

Inserting and replacing the batteries

To insert or replace the batteries, follow these steps:

Turn off headset power

Insert two alkaline AA batteries (supplied) into the control module, observing proper polarity

Note: Rechargeable batteries can be used, but will alter the accuracy of the battery power indicator.

For more information on the operation switches found in the battery compartment, see Setting the control module operation switches.

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