CineMateĀ® 520 home cinema system

Sold from 2014 ā€“ 2015

CineMateĀ® 520 home theater system


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CineMate systems using the accessory SoundTouch adapter will search for updates automatically upon opening the SoundTouch app. If an update is available, the app will prompt you to update.

Download the free SoundTouch app here:

Additional app features:

  • Provides step by step instructions to set up your SoundTouch system in minutes
  • Easily browse Internet radio stations, your stored music library and popular music services like SpotifyĀ® and Deezer
  • Quickly set your favourite music as a presetā€”so you can access it effortlessly on any SoundTouch system or remote
  • With multiple SoundTouch systems, stream different music in different rooms or play the same music in every room