Connecting an analogue audio source to the interface module

Use the supplied stereo audio cable to connect from your TV Audio OUT connectors to the interface module Analogue IN connectors by following these steps:

Connect the two red and white RCA connectors into the left (L) and right (R) audio outputs on the rear panel of your TV

Connect the other end of the RCA cable into the Left (white) and Right (red) analogue inputs on the interface module

If your TV has two sets of audio output jacks that are labelled FIXED (FIX) and VARIABLE (VAR), use the jacks labelled FIXED (recommended for the highest sound quality). If there is only one audio output jack labelled FIX/VAR (OUT or Monitor OUT, etc.), then you may need to find the "Audio OUT" section in your TV's onscreen menu and select "Fixed."

If you use the VARIABLE audio output jacks:

  • Turn off your TV's internal speakers
  • Turn up your TV volume to the highest setting

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