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Finding your MAC address

What is a MAC address?

All devices on your Wi-Fi® network have a unique identifying number, allowing your wireless router to tell them apart.

This is called the MAC address, or media access control address.

Why do I need it?

Some networks utilise a security feature called MAC filtering, which restricts network access to devices whose MAC addresses are included in what is commonly referred to as a white list. Your network may require a MAC address when you add your Bose® device. To find the MAC address for your Bose® SoundLink® Air digital music system, use the setup application—follow these instructions:

Run the Bose® SoundLink® Air system setup application, which you can download at www.Bose.com/wifisetup

Select your language

Select “Agree”

With your power cable plugged in, connect the USB cable from the SoundLink® Air system to any USB port on your computer

Select "System Information" from the Help menu

PC system information screen

Mac® system information screen

The system information screen provides all the product information for your SoundLink® Air system, including the MAC address.

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