Understanding the system control buttons

You can operate your SoundLink® speaker by using the control buttons located on the top of the speaker. The following is a description of the buttons.

POWER: Press to turn the speaker ON or OFF. Press and hold to check the battery status.

Aux: Press to select the external audio device connected to the Aux input.

Bluetooth®: Press to select the Bluetooth® source. The speaker attempts to connect to the last paired device.

If you want to use a different device, press and hold for 3 seconds to set the speaker to discoverable mode. This will allow pairing with another Bluetooth® device.

When a device is connected (paired), press to disconnect the paired device. The SoundLink® speaker then waits for another paired device to connect. If no device connects within 30 minutes, the speaker turns itself off.

MUTE: Mutes sound from the speaker.

VOLUME UP: Press the plus button to increase the speaker volume.

VOLUME DOWN: Press the minus button to decrease the speaker volume.

Note: The source indicator on the front panel flashes once each time the plus or minus button is pressed. The indicator flashes twice when maximum or minimum volume is reached.

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