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All wireless.
All for music.

You knew we delivered on performance. But you wanted that performance to be wireless — for every type of headphones. So we engineered headphones that give you unmatched performance and superior comfort whether you're at work, commuting or exercising. With no wires and no compromises, you're free to get lost in your music.

Wireless freedom meets powerful sound

When you're commuting or working out, you don't want Bluetooth® connection to be a "sometimes" thing. So we developed different mechanical and electrical solutions in the earcup to deliver a reliable wireless connection. And you never have to reach for your device: Multi-function controls let you switch seamlessly between two Bluetooth devices, change volume or tracks and take/end calls. With headphones engineered to deliver a better wireless experience, you can stay in the zone—whether you're at the gym, the office or anywhere in between.

Better materials make better headphones


Wireless headphones let you take your music anywhere. That's why we built them to keep up. Impact- and corrosion-resistant materials in our over-ear models are engineered for life on the go. And they'll stay comfortable with premium, plush ear cushions—so even when you listen all day, it won't feel like you're wearing headphones. And our QuietControl 30 headphones have a lightweight neckband that conforms to your body and stays comfortable on your longest trips.

Exercise is a demanding activity. And you demand a lot from your sports headphones. Our SoundSport® models are durable and give you unmatched comfort and stability, so they'll stay with you through the rigours of your toughest workouts. And whether you're sweating it out in the gym or training through the elements outside, a hydrophobic cloth keeps moisture out. And you won't have to hold back.


We set the standard for noise cancelling headphones. And with both industry-leading models now completely wireless, we're raising the bar. We re-engineered them with Bluetooth technology and our world-class noise cancellation that makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. And with QuietControl 30 wireless headphones, we've added another breakthrough technology: controllable noise cancellation that lets you choose how much of the world you want to let in.

The best from Bose® is wireless

With QuietComfort® 35 headphones, our world-class noise cancellation continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise—then cancels them with the opposite signal to make quiet sound quieter and music sound better. Whether you're turning it up or playing the music softly, proprietary technologies make sure it's balanced at any volume. They're re-engineered with Bluetooth technology so you can listen wirelessly without compromising the premium audio performance. And QC®35s are built better: they're designed to be lightweight, comfortable and durable. With impact-resistant materials and a luxurious headband and cushions, they're built for all-day listening.

Cancel noise. Control noise. Wirelessly.

You can't control how noisy your environment is. But you can control how much of it you hear. Set your own levels of noise cancellation, and decide precisely how much of the world you want to let in. QuietControl 30 headphones use proprietary technologies to deliver balanced audio performance at any volume, too. A lightweight neckband design conforms to your body for all day wearability, and StayHear®+ QC® tips stay secure throughout the entire 10-hour battery life. And you can leave the wires behind: they're engineered for Bluetooth® and NFC pairing so you'll stay focused on the music. Coming soon in 2017.


When you're raising your game, you expect your gear to keep up. Our SoundSport® headphones are up for the challenge. Both wireless models have the performance you need to push further, with StayHear®+ Sport and Pulse tips that stay secure and comfortable. And if you're ready to truly elevate your workout to the next level, SoundSport® Pulse wireless headphones have a built-in heart rate sensor that tracks your workout, too.

No wires. No holding back.

SoundSport® headphones are designed to push you forward, with powerful audio performance that keeps you moving. The redesigned StayHear®+ Sport tips feature a unique shape that stays secure and comfortable during your toughest workouts. And you can sweat through them without worries—the acoustic ports are positioned to resist sweat and weather, and a hydrophobic cloth keeps moisture out. When you're moving, you want a quick wireless connection that keeps you tangle-free. These are engineered with Bluetooth and NFC pairing — so when it's time to dig deeper, there's nothing holding you back.

Powerful workouts deserve powerful tech

You put your heart into your workout. SoundSport® Pulse wireless headphones have powerful technology to track it. The built-in heart rate sensor tracks your performance directly from your ear and gives you the information you need to take your workout to the next level. StayHear®+ Pulse tips stay comfortable and secure through it all and ensure accurate readings. We know you like to turn up the intensity, so we designed them to be sweat and weather resistant, too. And they're engineered with Bluetooth and NFC pairing to keep the wires out of your way. Because when you're giving it your all, nothing should slow you down.

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